Plant Monitoring and Reporting System


We have developed variety of solutions for processing units including plant monitoring and reporting software which is used to monitor and analyze efficiency of production machines and evaluate usage of electric energy, natural gas and steam consumption.
The system collects data from production machines, records Energy, natural gas and steam consumption and after compiling presents this data in an easy to understand way courtesy of which, the management can make key decisions.

In addition instant notification for critical alarms is also available which ensures timely actions to resolve the issues when they appear

Data logging and historical trending of critical parameters helps to keep an eye on plant efficiency and usage of energy resources.

Remote monitoring by different clients is available. Each client can monitor pages/ reports he is authorized to access.Machine downtime and calculated efficiency helps evaluate performance of production machines.

The system has building block type architecture and any kind of future expansion is possible.




HMI for NIIGATA Engine


HMI for NIIGATA engines is a replacement of original HMI, This HMI is provides same functionality plus some added features like data logging/trending and alarm logging. Timer and data register set points are also available.

HMI can be used with 2.3MW, 3.96MW, 5.3MW and 5.96MW engines.2

Both standalone HMI for each engine and PC a based solutions for whole power plant is available.


Control System for Separators (Purifier)


A PLC based control and monitoring system for L.Oil and HFO purifiers. This system is a true replacement of outdated and expansive control systems.
It is designed to work with Alfa Laval and Westfalia purifiers.



Real time monitoring and billing system for power plant


Scada system for real time monitoring, data logging, trending for critical parameters of power plant. System also provide customized billing for generation distribution and self consumption. Added features include remote monitoring and alarms.



Generator Control Panels


Generator Control Panels are custom designed for Furnace and gas Generators. These includes all control sequences from preparation, startup, loading,offloading and stop sequences. Further these have monitoring data logging and trending of  of engine and generator parameters.